We see a wide variety of running-related injuries, from total beginners having to give up due to injury, to experienced marathon runners developing repetitive strains. Most of the injuries we see are related to poor running form. In this blog post I am going to give you 3 running drills that everyone should build into their training routines.

1. High skips

These drills improve fast-twitch muscle firing, and the correct foot landing


2. Running with high knees, holding a broom stick above your head;

move onto this high knee skip;

Both are designed to make sure your are not loosing pelvic control when running. Often the non-weight barring hip will inappropriately drop as the foot leaves the ground.

3. Clapping A-skips

This snapping of the hip flexors as your other foot hits the ground helps prevent over striding.

These are universal drills for short or long distance runners. Always start a drill slowly and repeat short bursts of about 50 meters and repeat 8 times do them every other day.

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