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Our Story

Our Story

This pandemic has presented all of us with many great challenges. As Osteopaths, our biggest challenge at this point is that we can't work manually, treating our patients as we have loved doing over the past 30 years.  After a lot of reflection and discussion with patients we have realised that we offer a lot more to our patients than just manual therapy. At the core of our work, is our desire to help people help themselves heal. This is even more important now; to be able to help empower patients when we are in such unsettling times. 


We are offering a service that will include us listening to how the injury has evolved, working to a diagnosis, providing an exercise based treatment plan and giving advice on how to speed up your recovery with rehabilitation exercises. This is all at the core of what we do as osteopaths, guiding you to get better as quickly as possible. In addition we can help take some pressure off the NHS at this time.

Through this site we aim to build a platform for self employed osteopaths to continue working and helping patients. This not-for-profit platform, OsteopathsOnline (OO) will be open to all Osteopaths in the UK to join. The patient will pay their osteopath directly which will include a one pound donation to the OO for the referral. Any profit made by OsteopathsOnline will be used to provide a better service to patients.


This platform will provide a service to patients during this period of self isolation until we can get back to the ideal way of treating our patients. Thank you for reading and stay safe.

Meet The Osteopaths

Joanne  Sheridan

Joanne Sheridan has been practicing Osteopathy for 30 years after graduating with the gold medal from the BSO in 1989. She works with all age groups from young babies to the elderly and enjoys empowering her patients to be able to manage their symptoms and get better quickly. Jo can offer osteopathic advice, exercises and work station assessments.

Adam Sheridan

Adam Sheridan has been practicing in Rugby for over 30 years. Following graduation in 1988 he initially worked in London and Leamington Spa before starting a practice in Rugby. Adam has a wealth of experience in treating people of all ages and all levels of physical fitness. He treats a lot of acute injuries, but also really enjoys solving chronic musculo-skeletal problems.

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